Providing a Link between Sport and Business

We help sport clubs closing the gap between them and their local business community with small to mid tier sponsorships.

All the tools your club needs for success

We work purely on a no-cure no-pay concept, which means the club never runs any kind of financial risk - only reaps the benefits.

Expand your sponsor base

Expand your current sponsor base, connect to your local business community, and have the opportunity to promote them into big sponsors.

Get more spectators

Increase the number of spectators for your club with our tailor made ticket packages.

Increase profits

Increase your profits with no risk, and only limited responsibility. Sponsor Sales does the work you reap the profit.

Save Time and Money

Save time and money by simply outsourcing the tedious process of researching and approaching potential sponsors. We even help with the on-boarding of new sponsors.


Communicate what's important to you. We are in constant contact with you local business community and help spread your mission and values.

Optimise stocks

We help clear non-seller and excess items from your merchandise stock or run test campaigns for new products by adding them to your sponsor packages.