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Works with professional sport clubs, both big and small. We help clubs increase profits by closing the gap between them and their local business community.

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All the tools your club needs for success

We work purely on a no-cure no-pay concept, which means the club never runs any kind of financial risk - only reaps the benefits.

Expand your sponsor base

Expand your current sponsor base, connect to your local business community, and have the opportunity to promote them into big sponsors.

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Get more spectators

Increase the number of spectators for your club with our tailor made sponsor packages.

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Increase profits

Increase your profits with no risk, and only limited responsibility. Sponsor Sales does the work you reap the profit.

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Checkout our case studies and see how we helped dozens of sport clubs become more successful.

FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland

Sponsor Sales started working with FC Midtjylland in mid-2016, and established a successful campaign from day one.

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Aalborg Boldspilklub

Aalborg Boldspilklub

Sponsor Sales has worked with AaB since the beginning of 2016, and is one of our most successful clubs.

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FC Nordsjælland

FC Nordsjælland

Sponsor Sales and FC Nordsjælland has been working together since late 2015, with great success from the beginning.

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A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

  • Testimonial Photo 1
    “We have worked with Sponsor Sales since 2016 where they, due to there unique setup, have been able to generate 300+ new members the first year. We have been able to convert several of these new members, into serious and bigger sponsors, which have created very good results that we are very happy about.”
    Lars Glinvad
    Director of Sales, Aalborg Boldspilklub
  • Testimonial Photo 2
    “We are very satisfied with the use of Sponsor Sales as our marketing company. We set an ambitious target, and after just 7 month we reached our goal with more to come. Sponsor Sales have been a serious and trustworthy partner, who we are looking forward to continue our work with. In close teamwork, Sponsor Sales have dedicated themselves 100% to the plan, and that creates trustworthiness. Together we have created a fantastic customer portfolio, that we can maintain, improve and build on. I will recommend Sponsor Sales if you want to open doors and increase your customer portfolio.”
    Ulrik Lindkvist
    Director of Sales, FC Midtjylland
  • Testimonial Photo 3
    “Sponsor Sales has for HB Køge and NETVÆRKET (business network) created an additional source of income, but more important they have opened doors for smaller businesses who wish to support their local football team and business network, all while their own business is being promoted, creating more customers and getting a lot of great experiences, all including in the package. We at HB Køge and NETVÆRKET are very happy and proud to be working with Sponsor Sales”
    Peter Møller Andersen
    Sales and Marketing, HB Køge

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