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FC Midtjylland Photo

FC Midtjylland is the story of how will and unity can create the impossible. It is the story of what can happen when dreams are big and the will even bigger. It is the story of a club that from the beginning had the courage to think innovatively and step out of the shadows.

Denmarks most innovative footclub

FC Midtjylland is a young but very successful footballclub, and we at Sponsor Sales are very happy to have been a part of their journey.

FC Midtjylland came into the danish league as an outsider trying to challenge the two superpowers in danish football FC Copenhagen and Brøndby IF. While they almost from the beginning established themselves as a top team in Denmark, it took them 15 years to win their first national title. After that there was no looking back for the Wolves from Jutland, instead of being the outsider they are now the team to beat.

Sponsor Sales have been partners with FC Midtjylland since 2016, making it one of our most successful clubs and projects to date.

“Sponsor Sales have been a serious and trustworthy partner, who we are looking forward to continue our work with.”

Ulrik Lindkvist Photo
Ulrik Lindkvist, Sales Director
BSG Chemie Leipzig Photo

The BSG Chemie Leipzig is the perfect example of a successful interaction between the fan community and the club. Very healthy and sustainable approaches to the growth and development of the community gradually show up in sporting success and resilience in times of crisis.

At BSG Chemie Leipzig, TRADITION is a top priority. However, the popular club, which was re-established in 1997, also stands for honest football and an active fan culture.

Fertile ground for the innovative concepts of Sponsor Sales and a more than successful cooperation since 2019. The BSG loves and lives the local fan culture. This is done through clear rules, goals and transparency.

The fan community is asked and integrated. This results in a unique identification with the association and its values. The BSG recorded healthy growth and sustained sporting success. We look forward to the future and are proud to be able to accompany the traditional Leipzig club in future successes. 

“We can unreservedly recommend the concept of Sponsor Sales and its implementation. It is a good opportunity for every club to generate additional income and, above all, to steadily expand the sponsor network.”

Kevin Hochler Photo
Kevin Hochler, Director Sponsoring
FC Nordsjælland Photo

FC Nordsjælland is known as the talent hub of Denmark, as they year after year shows what young players can achieve at the highest level. They are well known for (almost) always being the youngest team in the Superleague, but even though they are a club that focuses mainly on building new talents, they still manage to remain just under the top teams in the rankings.

FC Nordsjælland has been a well-established name in Danish football for many years, bringing in several trophies and European experiences.

They are one of the first Superleague clubs that partnered up with Sponsorsales back in 2015, and they have enjoyed being the only club we represent in the capital of Copenhagen for many years. This has meant a lot of new sponsors every year, from a very large pool of local businesses.

FC Nordsjælland is also a club that values diversity and equality as they have done a lot for women’s football, and especially in the last couple of years we at Sponsorsales have done our part to assist in this project.


Skjern Håndbold Photo

Skjern Håndbold is the perfect example of danish handball and what it means to have a strong local base and supportive community. Although the national championship has been out of reach since 1999, they have managed to stay at the very top of danish handball year after year, and they are the constant outside challenger to the top teams.

Skjern Håndbold might have a small geographical area of support, but what they lack in size they make up for in commitment

Skjern Håndbold has been a nesting ground for some of the biggest talents in both Danish and international handball, and they showcase perfectly how traditions and youth can go hand in hand. Sponsorsales have been fortunate to have Skjern Håndbold as a partner since 2016, and the success of our campaign is a testament to the hard work and strong relationship they have with their local business community. 

Aalborg Håndbold Photo

After multiple years of dominance on the national scene of handball in Denmark, Aalborg Håndbold has now shown its strength on the European scene as well and cemented its spot as one of the best handball teams in the world. As they continue their journey towards the biggest trophy of them all, we at Sponsorsales are happy to assist and be a helping hand on the sideline of this world-class team.

Aalborg Håndbold is a true story of success and perseverance, being the most winning team in danish handball in recent years

When Sponsor Sales started the partnership with Aalborg Håndbold in 2019 we were jumping on a winning team that just kept going. This made for a very successful campaign with high expectations from the beginning, a challenge we not only thrived in but broke several records in what was possible for the sponsorship industry. A strong local commitment and support together with a large geographical reach was the perfect match for both Sponsorsales and Aalborg Håndbold. 

“With Sponsor Sales, we have brought on a strong partner who specializes in regional partnerships. The agency's professional approach meets our high standards and is reflected in the sales figures.”

Jacob Flintholm Photo
Jacob Flintholm, Sales Director

Ice Hockey

Frederikshavn White Hawks Photo
Frederikshavn White Hawks Logo

As the rest of Denmark might consider ice hockey a smaller sport compared to handball or football, someone has forgotten to tell the people of Frederikshavn.

When Sponsorsales and White Hawks started their partnership in 2018 it was with a clear mission to maintain and build on the strong name they had locally, but also expand their reach beyond the borders of their small city.  A plan we are happy to declare a success, with sponsors now found in most of northern Jutland also showing a bigger diversity of businesses in their list of sponsors.

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